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The Assistant: A Sea Story

by John Denham (CAPT Denham was CO of the Ozbourn during the Vietnam conflict.)
First Books, 2003.
available from the publisher

In 23 exciting chapters the author brings together humor, wit and memories of many years in the maritime world with "professional language." A tale of intrigue is not only told by "The Assistant" but he describes and explains the functioning of a modern container ship at sea involved with bureaucratic government agencies, and the people in a major shipping company battling for ego satisfying recognition. A little bit of us can be found in the pages of the easy to read and understandable language of "The Assistant." The transition of "The Assistant" from decorated, educated Navy Captain to Master of a modern container ship, his demise and salvation add spice. Facing an unexpected challenge and assisted by his leaders and their near comic reactions, plus the clever operations involving the U.S. Coast Guard and the F.B.I. entwined with affairs of the heart make reading time well spent. It's more truth than fiction.

The Gold and the Icon

by (Past-President) Craig Whitten
Publish America, Inc, 2004
Available on Amazon or from the publisher

After the murder of his wife, Major Mikhail Minnik of the Russian Army and his brother-in-law, Captain Third Rank Yevgeny Andreev of the Navy, are sent by Mikhail's commander, General Georgii Fedorov, to Moscow on the TransSiberian Express. They have specific instructions to look for contraband nuclear weapons and if they find any to inform Fedorov so that they can be seized. The train is stalled in Siberia to await the arrival of a Russian general transporting a suspicious cargo. Helped by an American nuclear scientist, Arthur "Scottie" Campbell whom they had rescued from Chechen bandits, they discover the contraband and witness its surprising and unintended disposal.

Ozbourn Cruise Book for 1952-1953

James R. Clay (1952-1955) has had the Ozbourn Cruise Book for 1952-1953 reprinted and copies are available for immediate delivery. Anyone interested in one or more of these books contact Jim at 1413 Quail Ridge Rd. Crestview, FL 32539. Or you can call Jim at: (805) 682-3677

Sailor, Write Your Mother

Shipmate Frank Spittle has just released his book, "Sailor, Write Your Mother", about his experiences in the Navy during his 1946-1950 enlistment. Order form.

Where the Wind Blows Free

Shipmate Tom Everettson has just released his book, "Where the Wind Blows Free", a western adventure novel about Jim and his friend Bill whom he meets on the train west. Fresh out of high school, Jim is on his way to his grandfather's ranch in New Mexico where rustlers have been a problem. High adventure set in the early 1900s. Purchase on the internet for $11.25 - www. 1stbooks.com.

The author has offered to give 1/2 of profits to the Ozbourn Association for each book purchased by an Ozbourn Association member. Mail or email the code number on the bottom of the last page of the book to the address found on page 2 of Fireball.

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